Westport Day School

A Note from the Founders

Welcome to the Westport Day School! WDS is an incredibly progressive, enriching, and exciting place to learn and to teach. We have developed an educational model that is specifically designed to support anxious/depressed students. What results is a highly engaging academic experience for students who have struggled in school. Our goal is to open academic doors for our students. Some of our students are aiming for highly selective collegiate institutions. For example, one of our graduating seniors was accepted, early decision, to Haverford College. Other students are hoping to stay closer to home.

All students at WDS receive weekly, individual, social worker-delivered counseling designed to facilitate access to education at a high level. Students with difficulties that impact functioning outside of school are expected to have an external treatment team in place as intensive psychotherapy is not offered at WDS.

Families who enroll a student in our school have experienced a lot of stress due to educational lack-of-fit. We understand this and work hard to create a welcoming, calm, and safe environment. Parents tell us that the family stress goes down very soon after matriculation because their student feels productively engaged in a school community, perhaps for the very first time. Once students enroll in a school that fits, they begin to dedicate themselves to learning.

We are small by design. Our admissions process is highly selective. This means that we reject far more students than we admit. Rule outs for our program include oppositionality, behavioral/conduct problems, and serious substance misuse.

We encourage you to explore our website, call for information, and set up a private tour. We understand the challenges you are facing and promise to provide you with sound advice, information, and guidance throughout the admissions process. Our team looks forward to working with your family.

Dawn Matera, Ed.D. & Mark Beitel, Ph.D.