Westport Day School

Our Method

At the core of our school model is a strong, student centered, treatment alliance. This alliance includes teachers, parents, clinicians, and individualized and student driven curriculum. With this alliance in place, frequent collaboration ensures a strong support team on behalf of the student. Student achievement both emotionally and academically is the focus of this treatment alliance.

When students enter our program, they arrive with varying degrees of openness to instruction, mindfulness, and ability to be part of school community. We meet that student where they are in their current level of both academic and social-emotional functioning and challenge them, through modeling and support, to form relationships, practice self-regulation, be self-aware, and to practice resilience.

Student progress is measured by academic progress, personal growth, and social skills. Each week, a very detailed progress note is sent home in order to communicate with the members of the treatment alliance, and to carefully track student progress. Twice per year, comprehensive reports are developed by the student’s team. These reports rate academic objectives, and speak to the social and emotional progress each student is making as well as the strategies that are successful in programming for the individual.