Westport Day School

Application Process

As a State-approved private special education program, WDS works closely with parents and districts throughout the admissions process. Parents of prospective WDS students may schedule a tour of the school at any time.

The admissions process typically begins when a school district sends a referral packet to WDS. This packet typically includes the most current IEP, psychological testing(s), and a transcript. Supplemental material might be requested from the parents, for example hospitalization discharge letter(s). Upon review of the packet, a student might be invited to apply to WDS. The application process involves submission of an application (no fee), outreach to providers, and student visit(s).

We have rolling admissions, so students can matriculate at any point during the year. Please feel free to reach out to our Director of Admissions, Sara Evans (sevans@westportdayschool.org) with any questions.